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Diversification is King: Why you can no longer be a telecom or cloud exclusive seller

Posted by on October 9, 2019 8:33 am

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In the not-so-distant past, VARs and system integrators sold software and cloud, and there was a Telephony agent who you went to for your carrier business. Now everyone is becoming a one-stop shop for everything under the sun. Traditional telecom companies are selling the cloud. Cloud providers offer telecom services. Where the lines exist at all, they’re extremely blurry. Some companies think they can remain inside their comfort zones, providing the same services year after year in a changing market, but end users like a one-stop shop, so those who can’t keep up will be left behind.

The reticence of traditional telecom to move into the cloud and vice versa is understandable. Your core competencies are well established. You don’t want to compromise what you do well for the sake of adding to your offering. You might even know the risks in failing to expand, but consider them to be less of a threat than the risks of losing your customer base to those willing to innovate. Make no mistake about it, your customers will eventually move to cloud services and want everything from one provider. Not being there to provide them with what they want is putting your company’s future existence in jeopardy.

Whatever your comfort zone has become, you need to step outside of it. The question is whether you will do this by choice or whether you will be dragged out of it by a changing market. Partnering with BCM One will help you to sell outside of your comfort zone successfully. We can help you to broaden your appeal, strengthening your core competencies with new offerings rather than sacrificing them.

BCM One has your back with every solution sale. BCM One truly becomes your partner and an extension of your sales team. The breadth of solutions we offer and the ease with which we allow you to deploy them will bring you tremendous value. BCM One’s diversity of offerings across cloud and telecom allow you to broaden your competencies no matter what your previous expertise was. If you used to sell cloud exclusively, BCM One will help you easily begin offering telecom and visa versa.

Our channel managers are trained on a wide array of support tools and applications. Certified sales engineers provide support for SD-WAN solutions and our cloud architects provide technical expertise for Microsoft Office 365 and overall cloud solutions alike. BCM One is also a direct partner with Microsoft and a top platinum Verizon partner with a seat on the Verizon Enterprise Advisory Council. That means we provide dedicated and ongoing support across key industry platforms and technology partners, something few other companies can offer. Other companies might be able to provide the constituent parts. We’re the only company who can put everything together into a cohesive whole for you and your clients. Our direct relationships with our suppliers are very strategic and have been built up over the past twenty-five years, which allows us to extend a higher level of service to you and your clients from various partners of ours.

BCM One boasts broad in-house sales and technical expertise covering the breadth and length of traditional and cloud-based telecom services. Channel Partners and consultants can leverage our in-house network sales engineers for sales calls and meetings as well as product subject matter experts. Furthermore, our channel managers are trained on just about every product, tool or application your customers need. You don’t have to do anything to sell these services. All you have to do is leverage your existing network, partnering with BCM One to provide diversified services to your existing client base.

We provide our own in-house managed solutions fused with specific solutions from our select technology partners. Together this brings a truly customized solution to end users. We enable our partners to pick the best of the best technology solutions to customize every deal. Client deals are fully supported from planning to design to deployment to management. We provide the entire sales process, we handle the front end, we deploy the solutions and we offer ongoing management. We’re here to help you expand your product offering beyond what you’re used to.

We’re available around the clock, every day of the year for troubleshooting and support. Beyond that, we provide assigned account management for any clients procuring through BCM One for any of our channel partners.

BCM One has been around for 25 years and is entirely privately held, beholden to no one. Your revenues and your commissions aren’t at risk when you partner with us.

You can learn more about some of our product offerings through the content our in-house experts have developed on: Microsoft Office 365 with Skype for Business, SD-WAN, and Cloud Optimization.

Talk to a BCM One representative today about how we can help your business to expand or meet us at Channel Partners in Austin coming up September 25-28th.


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