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Life After POTS, DSL & EoC

Posted by on October 9, 2019 9:17 am

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Nearly every company deploys some kind of legacy product that just doesn’t perform as well as a new and improved alternative. Case in point, copper-based communication lines like Ethernet over Copper, POTS and DSL.

Many organizations continue to use legacy products in the face of more agile and efficient alternatives. They’re comfortable with their phone lines the way they are. Even when an outside expert tells you that copper is going the way of the dinosaur, it’s hard to hear when you’ve been using it reliably for so long. Other organizations have concerns about the capital outlay associated with upgrading copper lines. They assume they just won’t get the return on investment they need to justify the expense.

However, it’s certain that copper-based technologies are being phased out. As they become more and more phased out, maintaining these systems will likely become more expensive overtime. What’s more, your downtime will increase as fewer resources are allocated to maintain and repair copper lines from nationally ranked carriers. If your copper EoC, POTS or DSL lines go down now from an outage or natural disaster, it may take weeks or months to get fixed. Carriers and suppliers are just not supporting these legacy solutions anymore. Therefore, more than ever it’s essential to think about next generation solutions to protect your business and ensure no delays our outages to prevent you from communication to your customers, partners or vendors. Hence ensure business continuity for your organization.

Copper cabling is very old and fails more and more frequently. Sometimes the copper cable wiring is so forgone that it can’t be repaired at all. If you’re afraid of making an investment in newer technologies, you should know that legacy technologies are only going to get more expensive as times goes on — and more inconvenient for you and your business. If you switch to a new type of technology, you may think that it will be more expensive. Initially it may or may not – it depends on the solution. Guaranteed though over time, a more modern solution will be more cost efficient. You may even save money on a monthly basis – you’d be surprised!

Let BCM One help you take that stride to replace your legacy service. BCM One is currently offering several more innovative alternatives for legacy products, including:

  • InPacket: This is a hosted PBX product offered as an alternative to POTS for customers looking to replace their existing phone line system. InPacket doesn’t just replace the phone lines, it replaces the entire phone system. This is the ideal solution for organizations who still have POTS lines feeding an older phone system.
  • AVPL: This is our analog VoIP program, for customers who want to replace their existing phone line but keep their phone system. It rides over IP-based services. You have your own Internet connections and BCM One installs a device that connects your VoIP to the Internet providing analog lines.
  • Broadband and Fiber: BCM One has broadband and fiber replacements available for DSL and Ethernet over copper. We can help you to find out where these solutions make sense and what other complementary solutions can help your organization.
  • Skype for Business – Part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, Skype for Business is a unified communications system that allows you to collaborate through voice, video, IM, and conference with anyone, anywhere and on any device.

BCM One isn’t just a one and done provider. Our team is dedicated to making the upgrade to a new system as seamless a transition as possible. We work closely with your organization to onboard the new technology, providing in-depth training that will reduce the learning curve and keep your system efficient. We’ll work with you to establish the best time to make the switch, day or night, to minimize the impact of downtime. What’s more, because of our deep and broad connections in the telecommunications industry and beyond, we can find the best services for your organization at the best price.

That’s the BCM One difference. We don’t just set you up with new services. We’re a partner in your success.


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