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SD-WAN Application Aware Routing and Real-Time Circuit Monitoring Explained

Posted by on October 9, 2019 8:43 am

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SD-WAN has the ability to identify e-mail traffic. We all know e-mail traffic is very important to businesses, but it’s not necessarily time-sensitive. So SD-WAN will choose the lowest-cost link. And that’s where e-mail traffic will flow.

So let’s say that lower-cost link has some major delay on it and will throw in some packet loss. Well, SD-WAN’s real-time circuit monitoring will recognize that that circuit is not performing with the e-mail SLA, or within the e-mail SLA. And what it will do is it will switch the e-mail traffic or the e-mail application flow over to a higher-cost link or even just another link. And it will leave the traffic on that link until the lower-cost link is back into a performance metric that matches the original e-mail SLA. And then once that happens, the traffic will switch back to the lower-cost link and things will continue to operate in a normalized fashion.

So what you could see here is that traditional backup paths on the lower-cost circuits are truly no longer than just that. This is truly an active, active scenario, something that we’ve been striving to do in a destination-based routing topology.